What’s Next For Pacquiao the Politician?

Manny Paquiao IS boxing right now, and what does he get after he plaster’s (pun intended) Margarito’s face to his glove? Ridicule, that he’s ducking black fighters that fight with an American style. Okay, maybe it was only Bernard Hopkins that said that, but it seems like some agree with his comments, so I’ll assume that’s everyone. It’s funny that a guy who is 52-3 over his career, and owns eight belts that he moved up and down through different weight classes to achieve would be ducking anyone. What more do people want from him? The easy answer to that is seeing him fight Floyd Mayweather. While it doesn’t sound likely it will happen anytime soon, I do think it will happen, unless Floyd keeps ducking it. There’s a couple reasons why I feel like it will happen, and I’ll build my theory through this post, so I can prove I was right when it does go down as the biggest grossing fight ever.

It’s been reported that Manny has outdone Mike Tyson for PPV sales, which was somewhat of a surprising stat to me, but not shocking. I thought Tyson fought more intriguing opponents than Manny, but it seems that people are paying to see Manny just as much, and I don’t blame them, because I love watching him fight. With a growing crowd latching onto every Manny fight, don’t you think Mayweather will notice that he’s not the top grossing fighter without Manny? I think Mayweather will eventually, and since Manny did accept all the terms that Mayweather’s camp requested during the last stale mate, there’s no questioning that Manny wants the fight to happen. Mayweather might hate Bob Arum, but really, who doesn’t? Hopefully he can realize that it’s bigger than Arum, it’s about finding out who is the best, and making a boat load of money.

Now that Manny says he only has three fights/three years left in him (which is understandable), because you don’t want to be in a political office and have your brain turning to mush while making decisions that affect a lot of your fellow countrymen. I honestly have no idea who he will pick for his next opponent, but can guarantee he won’t be fighting Mayweather with the first of his supposed final three fights. My theory is that they don’t fight until Manny’s last fight of his career. Just imagine the kind of money that would pull in. It realistically could be the top grossing fight ever! Another scenario I’ve been kicking around is Manny doesn’t fight Mayweather in his next three fights, and then retires. A couple of months later he comes out of retirement just to fight Mayweather for something to the tune of $200-$300M. How could you pass that up? Boxing is a corrupt sport, and its only fitting Manny is a politician. Politician’s make calculated decisions, and this theory feels like a great decision to me.

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5 responses to “What’s Next For Pacquiao the Politician?

  • Chris Humpherys

    Even if it does happen, will both of these fighters be at the top of their games? Aren’t they already on their downward descent athletically?

    Here’s what sucks about boxing, and has for some time now.

    We have two of the best fighters in the world and because their camps can’t see eye to eye, and the fact that there are no set rules, they’re not gonna fight. (I’m not as optimistic as you.)

    The whole sport needs an overhaul. The fans are the ones suffering.

    • chappy81

      Yeah, that was a big thing I thought about while writing this. If they waited three years to have the mega fight for Pac-man’s last of his career, Pacquiao will be 34, not past his best days, but not getting better. Mayweather will be 36 and in the same boat as Manny.

      I agree it does suck, and there are way too many weight classes, but since there is so much politics in boxing don’t you think this is a pretty likely scenario? I don’t see anyone stealing the spotlight from either of these two over the next couple years, so why not wait till you can get $200M out of it instead of the original $100M! I’d love to see it happen sooner, but everytime it gets pushed back, the more I think they are both saving this fight…

  • By

    I honestly don’t think we’ll see the Pacquiao/Mayweather fight happen. What a shame.

  • Chris Humpherys

    The two worst things to happen to boxing have been Don King and pay-per-view.

    Look, we were lucky back in the day. We had charismatic fighters in all different divisions. But now it’s about who wants to make more and who won’t fight whom.

    Boxing is more of a mess than our economy. If Congress wants to stick their nose in a sport to correct it, I nominate boxing. PLEASE fix the sport.

    I’ll tell you what. I’ll do it for a mil a year plus benefits and put you and Al on my payroll.

    We’ll have that thing fixed in no time… and chill in the Maloof brothers Palms penthouse suite.

    Now that’s an arrangement I can live with.

  • tophatal

    <b< chappy

    I’d concur with Chris on the two worse things in boxing have been Don King and Bob Arum ! However without PPV we’d never see the major fights in question come to fruition . As for Pacquiao I now believe that his legacy has been set and absolutely nothing can now detracts from that at all .

    There’s no need whatsoever for him now to fight on as his record simply speaks for itself ! Need one say anymore on the matter ?


    tophatal ……… 🙂

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