Who Thinks the Rangers Can Win? THIS GUY!

Even though I had my doubts when the Rangers drew the Rays in the first round, they still came through. For some reason I like the Rangers chances even more against the all mighty Yankees than I did against the Rays. Back in September when the Rangers swept the Yankees, I started to believe in them, and wrote a little about why. In that series they were without Josh Hamilton, and the Yankees were without A-Rod, so I figure those two injuries evened each other out lineup wise. What they got from that series more than anything was some extra confidence that they belong with the best. The Rangers have a swagger to them, there’s no way around it, and they’ve been that way all year. I know I brought this up in an older post, but I remember one game back in June when Ian Kinsler was yelling at the Angels players after the game in Arlington to get off their field. I thought it was kind of stupid since they played each other the next day, but it speaks volumes about this team’s mentality, and how together they are. I mean, how many teams would do a separate ginger ale celebration because one of their players is an addict? How many teams survive a manager’s dirty drug test? How many teams would have survived a bankruptcy during a season seeing guys that played in Texas eight years ago, still not being paid what was owed to them? Not many can go through that much turmoil in the workplace, but I think all those outside distractions just made them closer. They don’t roll over like the Twins did when things went wrong, they just move on to the next pitch.

What confidence could they have gotten from sweeping the Yankees in early September? Aside from the knowledge that you could beat the Yankees, it was more how they won those games. I actually watched most of this series because it was on MLBTV, and it was a great series so I hope the ALCS is just as good. One of the games, Nelson Cruz hit a homer to tie the game in the 8th and hit another one in the 13th to give them the victory, chalk that win up to power. The next night they scored two runs off Mr. Automatic, Mariano Rivera, to win the game, chalk that win up to small ball. You can’t underestimate how much it means mentally to know that you’ve come back and beat the best closer of all-time. The last night of that sweep, Cliff Lee did his usually 8 innings of work and got them another victory, chalk that one up to pitching. Basically they showed that they can win in every way possible, and needed all three types of games to pull off the sweep. It might be a little different feel in the October pennant chase, but knowing that they’ve done it before will only help their mojo.

Another reason I’m picking the Rangers to win the ALCS series is that they remind me a lot of that Gayngels team that won the World Series in 2002. When the Angels played the Yankees back then, they made them look old. I think this Rangers team can do the same thing. They have a lot of guys that can steal bases on Posada’s super soaker arm (is that the opposite of a cannon arm? I don’t know). I think they might even give Bengie Molina the green light on the base paths with Posada behind the plate. Putting pressure on pitchers with speedy runners on base is underrated, and if they think they can slow them down when the AJ Burnett and Posada are out there, you must not have seen the last series with Shoppach behind the plate. Anyways, back to my comparison. The 2002 Angels had Salmon, Vlad, Glaus, and Anderson to go with speedy guys like Figgins and Eckstein. They played small ball, they played long ball, and they played catch up with that lame ass rally monkey. This Rangers team has that same type of build, where they can play any style. This Rangers team has more speed than that Angels team in 2002 did, and also imho has more power with even the non-conventional power guys in the lineup like Michael Young and Ian Kinsler. To say the Yankees lineup is far and away the better lineup is short sighted. Sure maybe if you look at career numbers it would certainly lead you that way, but the Rangers were ranked 4th in the AL in offense, so they can put runs up with the best of them. Reason number 294, why I’m picking the Rangers is Ron Washington (possibly coach of the year?), he was a great leader in the A’s clubhouse, and is doing the same in Texas. He’s loose, but pays attention to details just ask Eric Chavez and his many gold gloves. If it comes down to some late inning decisions, I would trust my life with Ron Washington, and think I’d trust Girardi as much as a Tim Donaghy refereed game. Would he leave A-Rod on the bench like he did in the All-Star game? I hope so, that would be some entertainment in itself!

Rangers in 7, just because I want to see Cliff Lee dominate the Yankees in a game 7. I know for a fact the Rangers won’t get swept, because AJ Burnett takes the hill in game 4. If the Yankees don’t win it by game 5 or 6 when CC and Hughes are on the mound, let’s just call this series over!

If you wanted something on the NLCS, I’m not going to write about it, but our buddy Bryan made some predictions for it.


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11 responses to “Who Thinks the Rangers Can Win? THIS GUY!

  • Chris Humpherys


    Chap, the Rangers are +156 to win that series and that’s only because they have home field. If you gave me Texas at three to one, I still wouldn’t take it.

    If I were a wiseguy (I’m wise, and I’m a guy… I’m just not a wiseguy), I’d bet Yanks and bet big.

    I’d probably also bet a lot of overs in this series. If either CC and C.Lee aren’t on the mound, you might be looking at a couple of 10 1/2s.

    • Chappy81

      Well, I hope you are wrong, because I just predicted the opposite. I think your right though, the over is a lot better bet to happen! Especially since both of these stadiums are launching pads! Should be a fun series as far as offense goes!

  • tophatal

    chappy 81

    I think that this series will come down to the momentum gained through game one ! If the Rangers can come out on top with a win over Sabathia than I wouldn’t count them out at all. However should Wilson not be able to out pitch his counterpart then it in essence become an uphill battle for them .

    tophatal 🙂

    • chappy81

      Yeah, if the Rangers can take down CC in game one it will be much more achievable. They have to split at home as a minimum. They have Lee going in Game three so if they split at home they wouldn’t be in terrible shape with Lee starting in the first road game!

      • tophatal


        The other thing that could make this series interesting is if A J Burnett really ” flames out” . There was a reason why Girardi didn’t play in in the ALDS don’t you think ……….shortened roster or not ?

        tophatal 🙂

        • chappy81

          Yeah, I’m thinking the Rangers should win game three and four. Game three because of Cliff Lee, and Game four because of AJ. Did you hear he hit a couple of Yankees in practice? Hilarious, and Girardi thinks he’s right!?! That’s a big reason why I gave Ron Washington the edge on Girardi. He makes some weird decisions!

  • tophatal


    You simply know that the likes of CC , Pettite and Rivera will be on the top of their game as for the rest of that Yankees’ rotation and bullpen I’m not so sure. I know that some fans and pundits have heaped praise on Kerry Wood but the guy hasn’t yet proven himself in this type of atmosphere. He’ll either be really good or he could end up stinking up the joint.

    tophatal 🙂

  • tophatal


    By season’s end there could be as many as 20-25 games blacked within the NFL. Solution for the NFL teams ………. filled the stadiums with illegal aliens . Afterwards they can actually earn a buck or two cleaning up after . If that doesn’t work they can always outsource to the Far East .

    tophatal 🙂

  • mceezy

    I’m definitely rooting for Ron Washington. It’s gonna be and back and forth series though.

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