Doin Playoff Power Rankings

We haven’t put up any power rankings up for a long time, and don’t really need to anymore now that the regular season is over. Today we were debating about playoff teams, and some of us thought certain teams were stronger than others, and decided to rank them. No explanations for the rankings, just how we feel about each of these teams going into the October classic. Cincy and Atlanta seem to have the least support. Can you blame us though?!?


  1. Phillies
  2. Tampa Bay
  3. New York
  4. SF
  5. Texas
  6. Cincy
  7. Minnesota
  8. Atlanta


  1. Phillies
  2. New York
  3. Tampa Bay
  4. Minnesota
  5. Texas
  6. Atlanta
  7. SF
  8. Cincy


1. Yankees
2. Phillies
3. Twins
4. Rangers
5. Giants
6. Braves
7. Rays (yeah, 7th)
8. Reds (although, I’ll be rooting for them)


1.       Tampa Bay

2.       Phillies

3.       NY

4.       Texas

5.       Minnesota

6.       SF

7.       Cincy

8.       Atlanta

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10 responses to “Doin Playoff Power Rankings

  • tophatal


    Other than the Phillies there’s no real dominant team in this season’s postseason scenario.

    Hamels, Halliday and Oswalt literally destroyed the opposition down the stretch of the regular season with their pitching .

    Which other team had that going for them ?

    tophatal 🙂

    • chappy81

      Yeah, the Phillies have the whole package, we’ll see if that translates to winning it all. I think it should, but once the playoffs start it’s all about who gets hot.

  • tophatal


    The Yankees’ pitching leaves a great deal to be desired at the moment and that’s with all due respect to Sabathia and Rivera. There were heaping praise on Kerry Wood because he’s been exemplary over the last two weeks . To me that counts for nothing when you’ve shown absolutely nothing over the course of the season prior to the trade !

    tophatal 🙂

    • chappy81

      Yeah, there’s no arguing their pitching woes. I think they’ll be okay, because they are always the lame team that succeeds, plus Steinbrenner is sending them some luck from up above. The Yankees bullpen isn’t all that great this year either, so they definitely have some pitching issues. I hope the Rangers do well, but am worried about their pitching as well…

      • tophatal


        Not all of these series are as one sided as some might believe and I think that we could be in for one or two surprises in both divisional series .

        Beyond Cliff Lee , Hunter and Nefali Feliz I don’t believe that there’s much to their pitching either. But it’ll come down to the mindset of the managers in question and the strategies they put into place.

        tophatal 🙂

  • Chris Humpherys

    Rays are 5-to-1 to win it all, Chap, with the Phillies as the prohibitive favorite and the Yanks coming in at 3-to-1.

    I know the Phils are hot right now but I’m not so sure them winning the Series is a foregone conclusion.

  • tophatal


    The Yankees seemingly will find ways of pulling through even when the whole world is against them .

    The Rays Rangers series is by no means a foregone conclusion and that’s why I’ll be watching it with a great deal of interest .

    tophatal 🙂

    • chappy81

      I agree that nothing is set in stone. We just ranked the teams by how good we thought they were. The teams I put 5-8 I won’t count out, and am probably rooting for them more than the favorites.

      I think the Rangers have as good a shot as anyone. One thing that’s crazy about baseball is that there actually is some parody in the playoffs. Whoever gets hot at the right time will win it all!

  • tophatal


    And now the managerial free-for-all begins . There’s now more fallout from this season than ever before and in all more than a dozen changes will be made before the start of next season .

    The Mets and Pirates cleaned house and it’s debatable whether or not La Russa will return to the Cardinals . Personally I think he sleepwalks through much of the season thinking that the likes of Pujols, Carpenter, Holliday and Wainwright will always pull the team through !

    tophatal 🙂

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