P-Willy Baby!

Photo courtesy of "SF Gate"

Being the resident 49er fan on staff, I must be the one to say … “It’s a celebration b**ches!”

If you haven’t heard, the 49ers just inked an extension with their best defensive pla … check that … best player in Patrick Willis!  I’m pleased on several levels here … for one, P-Willy deserved a new contract as he’s emerged as an elite player, one that opposing teams have to develop a game plan towards neutralizing every week.  Two, it’s good to see the 49ers organization reward a player for his hard work and dedication.  Since Willis arrived in SF, he’s led the team in tackles in each of his first three seasons, and has been selected to the Pro-Bowl every year.  He is one of the best defensive players in the NFL today, and now, he is paid like one.  To the tune of $50 million over five years with $29 million guaranteed.  Woot!

So all 49ers fans unite, and let us raise our glasses and toast!  Here’s to P-Willy heading a top-five defensive team in SF for the next five years … at the very least!

2 responses to “P-Willy Baby!

  • tophatal


    Well someone has to get that money. So why not Willis ? I mean it could’ve ended up going into the pockets of John York and his wife Denise DeBartolo-York . It’s not as if they actually give a _hit about the team to begin with now is it ? They’ve essentially obfuscated their custodial responsibilities as owners of the franchise.

    They look at the franchise as if it were a bauble that they can put on display for all of their socialite friends. Poor ol’ Bill Walsh must be spinning in his grave seeing this friggin’ mess !

    Alan Parkins

  • chappy81

    One of my homies was soo pumped when he found out the big news! It was a signing that needed to happen! I think the Niners should win the NFC West this year. Especially with Leinart back behind center for AZ!

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