1-Cent Hotel Rooms!

Last week, I offered my two cents on the Best Buy $10 TV Fiasco.  This week, it appears the pricing-mistake fairy has struck again.  This time, it was the plush Crowne Plaza Quarto D’Altino hotel in Venice, Italy.  They listed hotel rooms online for 1 cent, and travelers quickly jumped on the deal, naturally.  1,400 to be exact!  Unlike, Best Buy, it appears the hotel will honor the price, according to this article from Reuters via Yahoo. I assume the fact that they are reportedly losing 90,000 euros confirms that.  The difference here, though, is that while the TV was a tangible item, the hotel has no argument against honoring the price mistake.  What they SHOULD do is give all the staff those weekends off, you know, to help trim costs to make up for the mistake.  That’ll teach those silly customers to book a 1-cent room again!  You get what you pay for!

Customers flocked to the popular Train View rooms

Customers flocked to the popular "Train View" rooms

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