Some Contracts Really Are Killers

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There are a lot of bad contracts for baseball players every year, but there are a few of them that must have had Ray Charles reading them over before they were inked in. In making this list, I decided to make a couple of parameters. The contract has to go through at least next season. The entire body of the contract has to be bad. For example, you really can’t argue against the $18 million Derek Jeter is due to make next year as being overpriced.Derek Jeter If you look at how great the first seven years of his contract were for the Yankees, I’m sure there would be no hesitation in a do-over situation. You could say that someone like Eric Chavez would qualify as he’s due to make $11 million next season, and he has only played 418 games over the last 5 years of his 6 year contract. But on the flip side I can understand why they picked him to build a team around him at the time. He was never on the DL and won six straight gold gloves averaging nearly 25 HR’s and 100 RBI per season. So really when they signed him, it wasn’t quite as ridiculous as it looks. Here are a few of the ugliest contract situations in the MLB right now.

It’s hard not to ignore the third Blue Jays since they have been under the Riccardi regime, they seem to like to cut contracts short. BJ Ryan, who is now out of baseball is owed $10 million next year. I guess they shouldn’t sign pitchers at the ripe age of 30 to five year deals coming off their first and really only good season of their career. They also dumped Frank Thomas last year and nobody wanted to pick up the tab on him either. They were scared of Alex Rios and his outrageous contract, but were lucky enough to get bailed out by the White Sox earlier this week. Come to think of it, just based on these three horrific contracts, how is JP still running things across the border!?! Must be some kind of Canadian loyalty or a forgive and forget kind of thing.Vernon Wells Vernon Wells is about as ridiculous as it gets! He’s owed $23 million in 2011 and $21 million in 2012. He isn’t a good defender, and isn’t exactly tearing the cover off the ball. He has a no trade clause as if anyone would want to take on that money. Wait, maybe the White Sox will!?!

Sorry Tony, but your Cubbies have a few monster contracts on the list. Soriano is tough to top as he’s due to turn 34 this off-season, and the Cubs owe him $18 million annually through 2014. He was a 40-40 guy when they signed him, but he was turning 31! It’s tough to justify giving him 8 years, and he may prove me wrong but since they signed him he’s been more of a 20-20 guy, and you can definately get that for cheaper. Milton Bradley is owed $9 million in 2010 and $12 million in 2011, for having half a good season in Texas before they signed him. Zambrano and Ramierez could be killers at the end of theirs, but we’ll see since they’re still doing well.

It’s impossible to avoid Barry Zito’s contract in San Francisco. He’s going to get about $19 million for the next four years, and it’s the most widely criticized contract among the baseball world.Barry Zito If anything, you just hope the Giants learned their lesson after this one. They really didn’t though as they overpaid for Renteria this offseason, but not to the extent of Aaron Rowand’s deal that is in place. Rowand is going to make $12 million annually for the next three years. He did come off a great season, but since going to SF he hasn’t really showed that he was worth the money. I think he was on the over-rated side defensively to begin with. Yeah, he made some amazing catches, but overall he isn’t anything that special to warrant that much money.

My favorite team to hate, the Angels, and Gary Matthews ugly contract will always makes me smile as long as it exists. He’s got two years left for nearly $12 million a year. He hitting a solid .250 in his Angels career and is holding down the fourth outfielder spot.Gary Matthews Jr. Fuentes contract isn’t ridiculous, but personally I would have gone for something cheaper as he’s owed $10 million next year. At least his contract is a short one. Carlos Lee gets an honorable mention. He’s still a solid hitter, but how long can it last? He’s going to make $18.5 million annually for the next three years. He can’t run the bases or play in the outfield, so once he stops hitting it will look ridiculous. He looks to be on the road to being the next Travis Hafner, but at least the Indians only owe him $13 million annually over the next three years. As we wave goodbye to the steroid era (At least, I think) and the gross over spending on contracts for players on PED’s, I think lists like mine will shrink. If it doesn’t, we can blame it on GM’s like JP Riccardi!

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7 responses to “Some Contracts Really Are Killers

  • Donald

    I don’t know why the Indians signed Kerry Wood. He has always been injured, and they gave him three years for $11 million per year!

  • tracking back Some Contracts Really Are Killers… tracking back Some Contracts Really Are Killers…

  • Alan Parkins


    And this is why baseball is in such a mess ! They (MLBPA) and the hierarchy are so far apart when it comes to initiating a salary cap . We are going to see things spiral out of control. And there’s already talk that there’ll be a draft prospect receiving a $10 million signing bonus . So what does that infer to you as far as the game is going ?

    I’d responded to your comment on my piece titled One Million Years BC . Thanks for chiming in with that and the continued support shown . It’s appreciated !

    Alan Parkins

  • chappy81

    Yeah, I honestly don’t think that the Strausbergs and Crabtrees of the world should be able to hold out for the money they’ve been wanting they need to set a cap on players that haven’t even played yet! I like how the NBA makes it pretty set in stone what players are going to get coming into the league. They need to implement some caps for rookies for sure!

  • Alan Parkins


    The situation could get a great deal worse or better if Goodell’s negotiating skills aren’t up to par come the NFL cba renegotiations. Both he and Player’ Rep DeMaurice Smith are nowhere near on the same page when it comes to the rookie salaries. Much less anything that has to be with the benefits of the retired veterans. That’s why I for one get pi_sed when I hear an as_hole like Jared Allen complaining about him being over taxed. Fu_k him and the horse he rode in on ! If it weren’t for his predecessors prior his a_s wouldn’t be involved in the game . Much less they’re being an NFL today.

    And then you had that p_ssy in Gene Upshaw only showing his concern for the players getting a bigger slice of the pie but showing no concern for the player of his era who couldn’t even get the appropriate medical attention needed. As many of them were being told that they hadn’t been covered on the unions’ own friggin’ policy. That basically tells you how fu_ked up things are not only within the NFL but across the whole diaspora of sports in general. And I thought it was just the military vets here who were being fu_ked over on a regular basis ?

    Alan Parkins

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