He’s No David Bataller, That’s For Sure

This is just sad.  I really hope this is the Ball State University TV station and not one of the esteemed Muncie networks.  This guy is simply a mess.  Seriously, he just should’ve fainted and this would just be another one of those newscaster fainting clips on youtube.  Instead, he earns the title of Worst Sportscaster Ever, and for good reason.  The highlight, for lack of a better word, comes during the Indiana Pacers highlights.  He drops such gems as “Stephen Jacksons to David uh,” “Reggie Miller’s lookin good,” and then on a play by the Nets, he kicks up the excitement and comes with “HE SHOOTS THE THREE…AND IT’S GOOD!” Wrong team, B-Coll, and it wasn’t even a three, though it really doesn’t matter at this point.  BUT, what would follow is probably going to be the apex of his sportscasting career.  Jeff Foster grabs an offensive rebound and kicks to an open Fred Jones who knocks down a three.  Brian “Boomer” Collins drops this beauty: “later gets the rebound, passes it to the man, and BOOM goes the dynamite.”  Seriously, you know that was the one gem he had all queued up and ready to go.  He’s definitely gonna be telling his grandkids about that one.  Can we get a Real Men of Genius for this guy?  Here’s to you Mister Worst Sportscaster Ever…

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4 responses to “He’s No David Bataller, That’s For Sure

  • hickman

    please tell me this was rigged…just please tell me that….

  • Rex, A Man With His Own Agenda « Doin Work

    […] If you don’t know who Rex Hudler is, you should probably thank god that you haven’t! He was a utility player that played for six major league teams over 13 seasons including the Angels for 3 of those seasons. Anyways, he never was a star, and his stats and bio aren’t the point of this post. If you were looking for info on him you should look on Wiki. He is currently the Angels color man, and is the worst announcer I’ve had to listen to. He might even be worse than this guy. […]

  • David

    I dunno if I should be flattered or pissed! A co-worker just said he saw this page and wondered who was calling me the worst sportscaster ever… Ouch! This is worse than the Cragslist post asking if I am into guys! Assholes!

    Anyways… I’ve been following Brian Collins’ career for a while… and I found this in June. Wonder where he’ll end up next!




    • mceezy

      Actually, it was compliment, meaning this clown is not as good as you. Then again, he’s also not as good as me, or Andre, or Tony either!

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