Amare Stoudemire Opting Out!

Well, it’s a 50-50 chance according to him. I’m giddy at the thought of the possible places he could land. I personally think if he did, he would be an amazing player back in the D’antoni system as he’s proved he can thrive with him as a coach before. It’s reported that he made a visit to amare-goggles-phoenix-sunsAtlanta and Chicago as well. Personally, I think he needs to get out of Phoenix.  Teaming him up with Rose, and an unselfish big man in Noah would make them a contender! There have been problems with Amare there since they acquired Shaq. I’m sure the Suns would let him, his fancy goggles, and his $17 million he’s set to make next year walk out the door to free agency if that’s what he wants. Since it’s such a large amount, I can’t see why he’d leave, unless he really does care about a winning championship, or if he finds a team that has a deal in place before he’s eligible! Here’s the article.

So, I have to add to the post now that I’m watching the Cavs play. Don’t you think they could really use a scoring big man for Lebron to throw lobs to, and make Dwight work a little harder on the defensive end? I searched through Cleveland’s upcoming off-season and what their cap will look like, and they have $13 million coming off the books from Szcerbiack, and $7 million coming off the book for Eric Snow’s expiring contracts. That’s plenty to lure the likes of goggle man!

I now believe that he may opt-out!

He said he heard it most from New York and Chicago, telling a Chicago station,Whatever team I go to, I hope they’re ready fora championship run.”

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