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Officiating the NBA Refs

Any NBA fan will tell you how bad the officiating is, and how many times your team has been screwed on a bad call. You don’t even need to watch more than a quarter without seeing at least one or two questionable calls. Sure, the Tim Donaghy scandal ruined a lot of people’s perception of refs trying to control the outcome of a game, but for the most part I don’t believe that the rest of the refs are purposely making bad calls they just aren’t competent enough to make the right ones. I think it’s time for the league to help the refs out by changing the way the games are covered.

  • Adding a fourth ref – How could this hurt? One more pair of eyes to see a crucial call from a different angle in a game changing call?!? The refs keep track of a lot of things including game time, time outs, fouls, shot clock, and the score which is a lot for a 60 year old man (I’ll get back to that) running up and down the court for a 48 minute game. Maybe more so for a Warriors, Knicks, or Suns. I’m not even 30 and I don’t think I can run back and forth with the pros without getting winded, possibly impairing my vision to the point where I think something happened when it didn’t!
  • Instant Replay – Even the MLB has instituted the home run replay after years of debate. If the oldest sport in our country can change with technology that’s been around for 15 years, then why can’t the NBA. Too many times you hear a whistle blown and all the refs are looking at each other with their hands in the air as if a fan blew it. If all three refs don’t know who’s ball or who the foul was on why don’t they review it? Or put a ref behind a monitor that can tell them in an earpiece who touched it last? How hard is that?NBA/
  • Youth Liberation – I have no doubt that many of these refs are in top form for their age, but how scary is it that the top refs in the league (working most of the playoffs/most important games of the year) are late 40’s to pushing 70?!? I have no problem putting my eyesight up against any of these refs.
  • Explanation – I think we need to migrate towards the way the NFL makes calls. After every foul, I would like to see them touch a body part or have something other than raising their hand and pointing at someone! Just let the crowd know what kind of foul occurred. For instance a slap on the arm or hip maybe the ref could point to that part of their body. Maybe a flop they could break out with the worm, which would give the NBA even more incentive to get some younger refs in their twenties and thirties which is much closer to a person’s peak physical prime. These small acts towards accountability on calls could make them actually have to go by more than a flop or how the crowd reacted!

After the Tim Donaghy scandal, we were led to believe that drastic changes would be made for the NBA officiating crews, and alas there have been no noticeable changes. It’s the same refs with the same questionable calls game after game and year after year!

Just a reminder of how bad it can be! Sorry Sacto fans this one hurt!

Cubs Doing What They Do

Yes, I’m the Cubs fan of the group, and I’m not going to lie anymore. I was sipping Cubbie-Cool-Aide all winter long, yeah getting down right drunk as s**t on it!  Harden, Bradley, Soto,  all seemed like great pieces to an emerging puzzle (notice I just left out the 3 game sweep by the Dodgers last year? Okay just checking) that was going bring back glory to the Northside this year. But I forgot just exactly what we’re dealing with here….100 years of doom, heartbreak, and soul searching. On the heels of an 8 game losing streak, and a team batting under .260 thru May, I think it’s time to stop talking about the Brian Roberts and Jake Peavy’s of the world that are going to take the club over the top. Those guys aren’t coming, and this team just isn’t any good right now. I might be back in July singing wildly about our amazing turn around, and how wrong I was to doubt the Lou Pinella mojo (has he ever had it with a career .500 winning percentage?) train. Until then I’m going to keep drinking my woes under the table with warm cans of Old Style beer as I stare at my fantasy stat tracker pissed off, as the Cubs keep doing what they do!

Flagrant Two

The Kobe-Lebron Wet Dream

It’s no secret the NBA and its allies are praying for a Kobe-Lebron showdown in the Finals.  I won’t lie, it’s a dream matchup that I too would love to see.  BUT…. why is the NBA the only league that allows such public advances on its preferred matchups???  MLB and the NFL both sit back and wait and let the teams on the field decide.  Last year we were force-fed Lakers-Celtics propaganda and that happened.  Shouldn’t a league that has a reputation for possibly manipulating outcomes make an effort to hold back on this sort of stuff?  Sure, it’s the advertisers who are driving this, but we all know where the league stands on it.  Despite being an acclaimed Laker disliker – I don’t quite hate them – this is the first round of conference finals in a long time that I’ve been impartial to who wins each series.  I love being able to sit back and enjoy playoff basketball without living and dying with the outcome.  It’s great being able to watch Kobe, Lebron, Hedo, Carmelo, or the referees step up and take over a game down the stretch.  However, I have a natural propensity to pull for the underdog.  While Orlando and Denver may not be underdogs on the court, they most certainly are in the corporate world.  (Side note: yet another puppet commercial runs as I type this)

So, unfortunately, my impartiality is quickly fading.  I hope they can pull it off.  Will they?  OR, is the NBA in fact UNSTOPPABLE!

The Birth of Doin Work

Doin Work was conceived through, like all great ideas, a work e-mail thread.  Every day, four or five of us would end up debating various sports topics, often including inane overanalyzation, pompous banter, and witty commentary.

In a recent discussion loosely about Bill Simmons, it ultimately led to discourse on the decline of the art of sports journalism.  Too often it has been reduced to rumor-mongering and rants.  Not to say Doin Work won’t include those – there will no doubt be plenty of rants.  Our goal, though, is to present events or ideas that you have also seen (or not) and turn them into something far more significant than they actually are, for that, is the true art of sports journalism.  Our opinions and views often change from day to day, so hopefully through this forum you will get an idea of how fickle our observations truly are.  Ideally, our posts will include our ridiculous e-mail threads, which were the basis for this entire endeavor.

Please be sure to bookmark, link, comment, etc. on all that is Doin Work.