The Birth of Doin Work

Doin Work was conceived through, like all great ideas, a work e-mail thread.  Every day, four or five of us would end up debating various sports topics, often including inane overanalyzation, pompous banter, and witty commentary.

In a recent discussion loosely about Bill Simmons, it ultimately led to discourse on the decline of the art of sports journalism.  Too often it has been reduced to rumor-mongering and rants.  Not to say Doin Work won’t include those – there will no doubt be plenty of rants.  Our goal, though, is to present events or ideas that you have also seen (or not) and turn them into something far more significant than they actually are, for that, is the true art of sports journalism.  Our opinions and views often change from day to day, so hopefully through this forum you will get an idea of how fickle our observations truly are.  Ideally, our posts will include our ridiculous e-mail threads, which were the basis for this entire endeavor.

Please be sure to bookmark, link, comment, etc. on all that is Doin Work.

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