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The Independant Sidecar?

So, some guy in Serbia must have got some kind of a smoking deal in this half off sale. I guess he just took half a car instead of buying a full one. May as well just take the free part, especially when it’s the part that works! I’m not really sure how this is even possible, probably because I’m not know for my mechanic skills, but this reminds me of how a sidecar on a motorcycle would look rolling around on it’s own. I want to see him ghost ride the whip in his next youtube clip!

Holy Rolling Cheese Batman!

Now this may not be Gotham, but this spot in the UK has plenty of caped crusaders chasing wheel’s of cheese down a hill!?! How the hell does this sport have this many willing participants! I can only imagine running down that hill chasing a cheese wheel only to fall face first like I was tripped by Dahnty Jones. It’s hard to argue why so many people showed up to watch this sport in action though, I WOULD! If I were an organizer I’d definately make this PPV in some way or another!