Winter Meetings Bringing Some Winter Depression

As I heard the Miami Marlins making it rain with their signings of Reyes, Buerhle, and Bell simply because they’re moving into a new stadium and now have more money. It couldn’t help make me wonder if the A’s could do the same thing if they were moving into a new stadium as well. Maybe they won’t spend on that same level, but it does give me some hope that they will be able to spend like the big boys one day. Unfortunately that we won’t really know if that day exists anytime soon because the MLB still hasn’t made any rulings on the A’s stadium situation and possible move to San Jose after three very long and frustrating years of waiting. All the 1,000 A’s fans have had to look forward to is if Andew Bailey or Gio Gonzalez gets traded for a bunch of minor league guys this off-season. At least last year they were throwing offers out there to Beltre and other free agents. This off-season it’s back to standard operating procedure. Our spending has gone down for three straight years, and even when we are in the free agent market nobody wants to come to Oakland unless they’re a semi-washed up pitcher or reliever. Even guys that want to stay in Oakland like Josh Willingham for a discount nonetheless, which is unheard of, since no hitter ever wants to stay in the spacious Coliseum can’t sign with the team because we’re waiting on the MLB’s ruling. I don’t fault Billy Beane like some have in recent years, because it’s impossible to build a team or plan for the future when you don’t know where you’ll even be.

Then the news broke that CJ Wilson and Albert Pujols will be joining the division rival LAAAAAAA for about $325M. No big deal for Moreno, just a couple additions to get more people in LA waving those game changing rally monkeys. I do hope whoever runs the CJ Wilson is a douche site keeps it going. It makes a ton of sense for the Angels to do this to try and take over the LA market while the Dodgers are in a rough downtime, and while doing so they also stole the division rival Rangers #1 starter. Weaver, Haren, Santana, and Wilson is a ridiculous rotation that was already good last year. Trumbo and Pujols makes for a solid heart of the order. The A’s haven’t spent as much as Moreno did in one day on payroll for the last four years combined made me even more depressed. While I’m not overly worried that Pujols will live up to his humongous contract, it will suck to see him playing against Oakland for 18 games a season. Another thing for A’s fans to be depressed about is the fact the Astros are joining their division which means we have more even competition to get that 3rd place finish next year. Fortunately you need 25 guys to play well to win, so there’s a little hope, but a more likely scenario is having to hitch more of my rooting interest on the Warriors and Raiders for the next couple years…

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6 responses to “Winter Meetings Bringing Some Winter Depression

  • tophatal


    The cumulus clouds have changed things in Miami . See link provided below . Next up for Arte Moreno having sang the Christmas carol … “Twelve Days of Christmas ” is what to buy his wife and kids .

    All The Kings’ Horses And All The Kings’ Men Couldn’t Put Humpty Dumpty Together Again …

    In Miami they have never done business with good intentions . Loria has made sure of that and Selig has been the f__king conduit that makes it so right across the landscape of baseball !

    tophatal ……….

  • sportsglutton

    Chap…I’ve always respected your loyalty to the A’s, especially with the hardships that you have to endure as a fan. It will be tough to face Pujols 18 times a year, but who knows how long his high level of play will continue, and as you say it take 25 players to win.

    • chappy81

      Yeah I hope he becomes something like Griffey Jr. in cincy! One thing I learned as a young A’s fan is there’s always going to be some rough times. Hopefully they aren’t as bad as some of those mid thought late 90’s teams though…

  • tophatal


    Now is the winter of discontent as the game of baseball still remains about the haves and have nots ! I would like to hear what type of excuses will be put up by the Cardinals’ fans in light of them losing Pujols ! As if any of them have the wherewithal to actually say much to begin with ! I mean if all De Witt can do as the owner is to say ” we’ll miss Albert but we thank him for his contributions to the team ” . Well that tells you just about all you need to know ! They give Holliday that ridiculous 7yr deal but when it comes to the team’s best player they’re like completely dumbfounded and clueless !

    This going to affect the organization on all fronts , competitively and from a commercial standpoint also !

    tophatal ………

    • chappy81

      Honestly I could care less what the Cards do. They’re in that other league that I only follow from a distance. The only thing I do want to thank the Cards for is beating the Rangers in the WS!!

  • ChrisHumpherys (@SportsChump)

    Look at the bright side.

    You can always put a hundo down on Monta Ellis to win league MVP at +5000.

    Of course, that’s assuming he’s still wearing a Golden State uniform by the end of the season

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