You Don’t Want It With Yu

A couple weeks back I saw something about all the pitchers who will be free agents this offseason. On that list was Japanese pitching sensation Yu Darvish. You may have heard of Yu, but for me personally, it’s been a while since I’ve heard about him. Something tells me though, if he comes to the United States next year, we’ll be hearing A LOT about him. I’m sure he’ll get plenty of attention on Doin Work, since he’s half-Asian (other half is Iranian). Some will have their doubts about his potential for success, citing examples like Hideki Irabu or Dice-K. I, however, will NOT be among those doubters. The kid is straight NASTY. Check out this video clip. He looks to me like he’s pitching a wiffle ball. The movement is like no other pitcher currently in Major League Baseball. The closest comparison to his stuff I can think of is Tim Lincecum – except he’s not half-Asian. Oh wait that’s right, he IS! Imagine if next year, the two best pitchers in baseball are half-Asian, AND, the two best bloggers on the web are as well. Maybe the latter is a bit of a stretch….

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3 responses to “You Don’t Want It With Yu

  • sportsattitudes

    Had not heard of him but duly informed now. Looks like the real deal from some of those pitches. Liked finish to the post…”two best…two best…maybe the latter is a bit of a stretch.” Hey, gotta put it out there for consideration!

  • chappy81

    Man, he is nasty. I loved how they put the box in the corner with some Japanese people having reactions or no reaction at all!

    We’ve got work to do, but I think we would easily get a few first place votes for the two best!

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