Congrats Kidd and Dirk!

Two guys that have paid their dues and deserved a ring. Now they can say they have one more than Lebron and tie Lil Bowow for the time being. Hats off to the Mavs for taking out the up and comers in OKC, the early season self proclaimed champs in Miami, and last years champs with a sweep in LA. There’s noway you can say they didn’t earn this championship, and finally broke the soft label. Here’s a couple videos that came to mind when the Mavs won.

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5 responses to “Congrats Kidd and Dirk!

  • tophatal

    For once Good Guys have actually finished first ! As for the as# wipes …. James and D-Wade ’til they actually show some class rather than acting as if they’re entitled they can simply go f##k each other and their mamas !

    tophatal ……..

  • ChrisHumpherys

    A combined thirty years in the league finally gets ’em some love.

    Congrats to those two.

    And how about friggin’ Jason Terry last night.

    Awesome series.

    Let’s hope there’s a season next year.

    • chappy81

      I bet he’s happy he doesn’t have to get that tatoo removed! Did you read the latest Simmons article? He seems to think the NBA work stoppage is less likely than the NFL…

      • tophatal


        Love the fact that there’s now a yellow streak a mile wide down LBJ’s back !

        It’s less likely just as long as the NBPA doesn’t decertify . Hunter and Fisher are said to be pushing for it , if the league hierarchy fails to comply with their request.

        How crazy is the situation though the players get a 53 /47 split in terms of the league’s revenues but once again these morons can’t figure out a way to split approx $4-$5.5 billion equitably ?

        tophatal ……

  • Ravenation, L.L.C. of North America

    I’m stoked they won I’m excited

    They deserved to win for sure.


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