Hey Sabean, Don’t Forget You Have Whiteside!!

I think the Giants might have the most videos on youtube of any team since they won the WS. Some are entertaining and others are pretty lame. In the wake of the whole Buster Posey debacle as he got plowed at home, the Giants GM Brian Sabean pretty much said he hopes Cousins of the Marlins never plays again. It was an unpopular statement everywhere except in SF, and kind of reminded me of how Dan Gilbert reacted when Lebron left the Cavs. To say I disagree with his comments would be an understatement, and Larry Granillo brings up some solid points on why Sabean should’ve questioned some other plays at the plate in the Giants not so distant past. Anyways, enjoy this song someone made about the Giants backup catcher Eli Whiteside.

(Actually Whiteside is no longer hitting .200, it’s down to .170).

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