Lebron vs. Jordan

I don’t get it, where is all this Lebron is better than Jordan talk coming from? Why are guys like Scottie Pippin saying things like this? Does he still have some animosity towards MJ? Are youtube videos like the one above being made, because there’s nothing else to debate about at the moment? Personally I don’t understand why it’s even a debate. For years we compared Kobe to Jordan, and over the last couple years we’ve seemingly put that argument to bed, aside from a short sighted Lakers fan here and there. Now Lebron is better than Jordan when he hasn’t won anything yet?!? Jordan was 6 for 6 in his career in the finals, and won 6 Finals MVP’s while Lebron is 0 for 1 with a sweep in the finals to his name. Wake me after Lebron has a single three-peat, and we can maybe start this argument. Hell, Dwayne Wade has more “Jordan-like” credentials than Lebron with a 1 for 1 in Finals appearances, and earning a finals MVP. I understand that a lot of us want to see another Jordan, but in reality I doubt we ever will see anyone with the drive that Jordan had. He made it so everyone around him would never give up, because he wouldn’t let them. I can’t say the same for Lebron at any point in his career so far. Lebron doesn’t seem to mind losing while Jordan died a little inside every time he lost a meaningless regular season game, and that my friends is what will separate these two for eternity. I think we should be comparing Lebron to Kobe first, then Magic, then maybe Jordan if he ever gets that far. It feels like we skipped a few legitimate and major steps in our comparisons with this guy.  It’s scary to me this is going to be a debate for the next 10 years regardless of how many titles the Heat do or don’t win…

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15 responses to “Lebron vs. Jordan

  • tophatal

    I thought that Pippen would have left that well alone in the aftermath of Whitlock’s take on Pippen and Jordan ! But …. oh no Scottie goes in ………. or should I say wades in up to his neck by saying that LBJ will be become a better player than his former teammate (his interview with Greenberg & Golic on their morning drive time show ) . Do you get the feeling that Scottie will be forced to leave Chi-town ?

    Tressel now has a tattoo on his dick that states …….. ” pull in the case of an emergency ” . As of yet no one has come forward and taken him up on the offer .

    tophatal …………..

    • chappy81

      One thing I know about Scottie is; he’s not getting any statues in Chicago anytime soon after those comments!

      • tophatal


        If they’re going to erect a statue in Pippen’s honor then it will resemble a phallic symbol in the shape of Scottie’s member ……………… peanut size small like his brain no doubt !

        Is it me but were the only members on that Mavs’ team last night who turned up to player were Dirk , Marion and wouldn’t you know it … Peja Stojakovic ? The only members who actually scored in double figures for the Mavs .

        This series could be over before we all get acclimatized to the Finals having started . Blowout and a sweep anyone ?

        How’d you feel about gettin’ into the car repo business ? I hear that there are one or two really nice rides on the campus of Ohio State waiting to be repossessed ? Namely Pryor’s tricked out Nissan 350Z .

        tophatal ………….

        • chappy81

          Yeah, the Mavs looked pretty bad at times, but they were in the game even though they played so bad. Kidd didn’t have a terrible game, but wasn’t overly impressive either. I hope they can steal game two, because I doubt they will win all three at home…

          I wouldn’t mind a repo car or two. I’d take a 350Z if it was up for grabs!

  • Chris Humpherys

    My Decision? Jordan’s better.

  • tophatal


    If they don’t sneak game two then all bets are off as this series certainly will be by the time game four comes around .

    A tricked out 350Z is real eye-catcher especially with the chicks ! But last year wasn’t Pryor rollin’ in a big ass SUV of some type ? Man those car dealers in Columbus must be doin’ a sh_t load business courtesy of the players and Tressel .

    tophatal …………………..

    • chappy81

      Yeah I agree, and I usually don’t say stuff like this, but if the Mavs lose game two I think their done. Hopefully Dirk’s finger injury doesn’t bother him much. Hopefully it’s like Kobe and it doesn’t really effect his game…

  • tophatal

    I really though that the Mavs would come into the series playing with a lot of vigor but beyond Dirk it’s simply not happening . The defense is like a barn door that has been left wide open for animals therein to escape . Hate to resort back to the same ol’ tale but this could be the same old Mavs of old …….. soft as a roll of Charmin tissue paper .

    tophatal …………..

  • jgome

    I’m tired of people using championships to settle this debate. Jordan had a way better team compared to LeBron’s Cavs days. If it comes to individual talent, I think LeBron’s is a better “overall” player than Jordan is. At 6’8 it’s not easy doing the things LeBron can do. He is more like a PG in a PF’s body. Jordan’s the best scorer this league has ever seen, but I think LeBron’s better at other aspects of the game than just scoring. We also got to look at the eras they played in. Players in this era are much more athletic and have more length and quickness. Regardless, everyone will use the 6 rings against LeBron.

    • classic17

      Regardless of my video clip up there, I agree with you that rings really shouldn’t be held against a player. Robert Horry has seven rings and no one is going to confuse Horry with Jordan. Peyton Manning is still better than Tom Brady regardless of ring total. It’s just one of those things.

      That said, Jordan is better than LeBron.

    • tophatal



      You’re both right but you’ve also got to look at the intangibles . Did MJ make those around him better ? And can the same be said of LeBron during his stint with the Cavs ?

      Now if LBJ wins with the Heat what case can be made that he’s solely responsible for that series’ victory when he has someone like Wade and Bosh playing at his side ?

      tophatal ………………..

    • chappy81

      Is Lebron more physically gifted than Jordan? Yes, I’ll give you that. Is he a harder worker than Jordan? Nope. Does he do anything to win? Does he die inside a little when he loses a regular season game? I just don’t see the same passion for the game that elevates everyone around him from Lebron. Maybe I’m wrong, but would Jordan have ever given up on a series like Lebron did last year in Boston? I doubt it.

      In a game of hoops to determine the fate of the world, I’m picking Jordan over Lebron. At the end of the post I alluded to us maybe needing to compare him to Magic or anyone before we jump straight to the GOAT. So if Lebron is a PG in a PF’s body, shouldn’t we be comparing him to Magic? The whole point of the post was to say comparing the two is ridiculous since Lebron’s career has a lot to be written, and players shouldn’t be compared way before their careers are over.

      Also Jordan won more MVP’s, more defensive 1st teams, more gold medals, etc. I’m not saying Lebron can’t be better, but I’m just saying the comparisons are ridiculous…

  • By

    I just have to start with this.

    Jordan 6 rings. 6 Finals MVP’s.

    Jordan’s the greatest player ever. Bron is the greatest physical specimen ever. And b/c of the latter, Bron has the potential to do more things in which Jordan could not. That does not make him a greater player, unless winning doesn’t matter, then you can argue for Bron. But most people play to win the games, and Jordan’s the best at it, now add to that the multiple individual accomplishments Jordan’s received throughout the course of his career, and there you have it. The greatest, ever.

    If Bron stayed in Cleveland, or if Wade left Miami to join him in Cleveland, and he won five titles or so, playing the way he’s been playing now, I’d might consider at least debating b/w the two. Actually, I take it back, I still wouldn’t find anything to argue about. Jordan is the greatest, ever.

    Bron does have a chance to leap frog Kobe on the list of greatest perimeter players ever though. He’s still got a ways to go before even that could be debated.

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