A Great Day In Denver

It wasn’t quite as exciting as the home win over San Diego two weeks ago, but it sure was nice to see the Raiders hang 59 points of the Broncos at Mile High. They’re lucky to get 59 points in four games, let alone four quarters. The Raiders got on the board quick with a 43 yard touchdown pass from Jason Campbell to a wide open Zach Miller. Right about at that point I realized, WE HAVE A GAME. It’s a great feeling that a Raider fan only gets to experience three or four times a year. You never know when they’re going to show up. Even if you try to guess when they will, they definitely won’t. So today when I saw Campbell and Miller connect on their opening drive touchdown, I decided I’d better knock out my weekly Sunday chores now rather than wait till the second half when the Raiders are long out of it. I bounced out to the garage for what seemed like 5 minutes to vacuum my car, and when I came back in, it was 21-0! Fortunately, they weren’t done, so I got to see the next 38 points that followed. It was bittersweet that Darren McFadden’s four touchdowns went to my fantasy opponent, but for a win like this, I’ll take it. At least he had Kyle Orton… Anyway, now that the Raiders sit firmly in second place, just 1.5 games back of division leader Kansas City, it’s time for one of those can the Raiders be a playoff contender? Let’s predict their win-loss record game by game for the rest of the season and see where they end up deals…

Wk 7: @Denver.  59-14 Win.  (3-4) The best Raiders performance of the last 7 seasons gives them a 2-0 record in the division.

Wk 8: Seattle.  13-24 Loss.  (3-5) Seattle realizes it’s suddenly 4-2 and in the driver’s seat in the NFC West and decides to make a run at it.

Wk 9: Kansas City.  10-35 Loss.  (3-6) The Chiefs continue with an easy schedule by cruising through Buffalo and have the division in their back pocket.

Wk 10: BYE  (3-6) A tough matchup, but it’s usually the one week the Raiders never lose.

Wk 11: @Pittsburgh.  3-35 Loss.  (3-7) Not sure how you manage to draw the Steelers in Pittsburgh two years in a row, but probably not gonna win two in a row.

Wk 12: Miami. 24-28 Loss.  (3-8) Oakland’s had a tough time with Miami, only winning once this decade in the regular season. There was a shutout playoff victory in there.

Wk 13: @San Diego. 6-27 Loss.  (3-9) I should’ve known they weren’t gonna be able to pull it off twice in a row.

Wk 14: @Jacksonville. 30-13 Win.  (4-9) Ah, finally a game against a bad team. That always helps remind the Raiders they can be good.

Wk 15: Denver. 34-42 Loss.  (4-10) The Broncos avenge their week 7 massacre behind three rushing TDs for Tim Tebow.

Wk 16: Indianapolis. 9-38 Loss.  (4-11) The Colts are fighting for a playoff spot and the Raiders are downward spiraling into draft position. This can’t end well.

Wk 17: @Kansas City. 17-13 Win.  (5-11) With the division sewn up, the Chiefs rest their starters and Oakland withstands a late game drive by Brodie Croyle to lock up another 5-11 season for Tom Cable.

Call me a pessimist if you must, just call me right when the season is over.


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