Upgrading The Man Cave

The football season is upon us, though it looks like someone forgot to tell the Pittsburgh Steelers. Since the Raiders aren’t in last place yet, I’m pretty excited for the season right now. Chappy and I did some shopping online for some essentials to enhance our Sunday afternoons, and here’s some exciting products that will help you cheer on your team….

Wildon Home Foxton Bar

I’ve produced and seen some pretty impressive spreads at Super Bowl parties and such, but always felt like a dining table didn’t quite suffice. Sure, the food looks nice and all, but you still had to get your beers from the fridge. You know what I always felt was missing? A BAR. I just assumed one would have to own a house that had one, but that is not the case! Apparently you can purchase a stand alone bar, at a pretty decent cost. This one was the best one I found, but there are surprisingly a good handful of options for right around $500. This one, and others, can be found at http://www.diningroomsdirect.com/

Wincraft Keg-a-Que

I’ll admit, this caught my eye because I thought it was a keg. It turns out it’s a portable BBQ, but that might even be better! At least I’d probably be likely to use it more. Most people already have a grill for home use, but what about tailgating AT the game? I had a pretty trusty portable bbq for years, but it was red and black. How am I supposed to feel good about myself using that in the parking lot of the Oakland Coliseum when the Chiefs, Cardinals, or 49ers are in town? Well, here’s the solution. These steel, keg-shaped portable grills come in propane and charcoal models, and are available in all teams at http://www.nflshop.com/category/index.jsp?categoryId=2415724&ab=Tailgating_BSpot_Grilling_072210

Panasonic 3D Active Shutter Eyewear

The ESPN 3D era is here, and I’ve got to believe Monday Night Football is going to be the centerpiece of their offerings. There’s been good (Avatar) and bad (Alice in Wonderland) in terms of 3D thus far, but I don’t see ESPN bothering with this if they weren’t going to make football games amazing. Let’s hope they have cameras in the end zone seats so those Lambeau Leaps will come right into your living room. I’m also looking forward to coaches’ gatorade showers and those wire cams figure to play a key role. Granted, you’re going to need a new TV and cable box, but start with the glasses, because you can at least rock them in public in the meantime. These badass shades can be found at http://www.rcwilley.com/Electronics/TV-Video/Video-Accessories/TY-EW3D10U/2361744/Panasonic-3D-Active-Shutter-Eyewear-View.jsp

Tailgate/Ping Pong/Beer Pong Table

They call this a tailgate table on the site, but it’s pretty much essential in my book for any mancave. Besides being easy to store, it has a plethora of other uses. Whether you’re playing beer pong in the mancave because your team is behind by 28, and you no longer care about the game, or you’re tailgating right before the game with the Wincraft Keg-A-Que it will be perfect for any football sunday. Apparently you can also turn this into a ping pong table, but looking at the dimensions, I’m not so sure you’d want to play doubles. This is already making me want to get a beer pong game going right now… I wish it didn’t take a week to get here! Check it out here http://www.csnstores.com/Tailgate-Toss-TPN-D-122-TAI1440.html


I’m far from the most intimidating guy in the world, and sometimes random Charger friends end up stopping by to rain on the Raiders party, which hasn’t been that hard recently. This year I’m going to be prepared for them with my game face! Just to make sure the new people don’t think us Raiders fans are soft. This new look will surely garner some respect. I’m not sure I can hang wearing vinyl for three hours, but sometimes it takes that kind of dedication from a fan.  http://www.csnstores.com/Franklin-Sports-6991F22-FKS1289.html

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7 responses to “Upgrading The Man Cave

  • tophatal


    Looking forward to the NFL season with some awe ! Unfortunately I’m not in agreement with Goodell and his wish to increase the season by with two additional games and decreasing the preseason. Simply do away with the preason altogether I say because if the coaches don’t know the makeup of their rosters from the choices made by their draft pickes and what’s already there. Then they’ll never know what they’ve got.

    The AFC West should be interesting as a great deal is expected from each of the teams there.

    tophatal ………….

    • mceezy

      I’m not necessarily for the expansion of the regular season, but four preseason games is unnecessary, since the key players only go a series or two most of the time. The owners won’t go for subtracting any games, so I’d rather have them mean something. I mean, there’s no reason a Raiders-49ers game should get boring for me, but the fourth quarter was pretty forgettable Saturday night.

      • tophatal


        Prolonging the regular season is simply greed on the part of the NFL and team owners . You know that the players or the union want no part of it unless the league is prepared to give up some major concessions …….. namely a bigger slice of the pie !

        Well that’s what tend to happen with the preseason games as they’re utterly meaningless and boring ! Unless the first teamers are on field then it’s of no use having the fans pay out hard earned cash for a sloppy watered down product.

        tophatal …………… 🙂

  • tophatal

    As part of the upgrading of the man cave can a stripper pole and dais be placed in the venue along with one or two buxom b strippers ? That way during halftime we guys can be kept fully entertained ? Not too much to ask is it ?

    tophatal …………. 🙂

    • chappy81

      Haha, I love the idea! If only strippers didn’t cost so much more than the pole 🙂

      • tophatal


        The stripper pole can be easily erected be it man made or if you get my drift simply have the stripper slide up and down one’s own pole . The problem is trying to find strippers who don’t look anything like Gaga or Rosie O’Donnell .

        Put on me girl !


        tophatal …………. 🙂

  • kerin

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