Oh My… Point Taken!

I’m not the biggest Dan Le Batard fan, but Dyslecix sent this clip out in the e-mail chain today, and I found this pretty damn funny. I like how he threw in a picture of Terrance farting on Phillip, and the real King (of burgers) was pretty solid as well. He even threw in a little spoof of the double rainbow clip that MCeezy put up over the weekend! All this added up to one hilarious 3 1/2 minutes, which is about as long as Lebron’s special should’ve been! The best part about all this, was that Dan is a Miami native, so he’s making fun of his own team!

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5 responses to “Oh My… Point Taken!

  • tophatal


    Dan Le Batard could suck the character out of a room . He’s not that great a writer to begin with and he thinks of himself as the Cuban American version of Jim Rome. As if that’s anything to aspire to . The guy is an absolute cretin of the highest order !

    Thanks by the way for chiming in on the Jesse Jackson piece . Personally having written it I don’t care who I p_ss off who’s indeed a supporter of that tool to begin with !

    As for Dan Gilbert he’s now done more harm to his franchise than LeBron ever could by leaving it. What NBA player will now want to go to Cleveland now play there after either reading or listening to his tirade ?

    He’s obviously not that bright a businessman despite being the founder of Quicken Loans the mortgage finance company.

    Alan ………………

    • chappy81

      No not even a good writer. He’s overly intense all the time. I did like this video he made though, it was pretty funny…

      There’s no way to tell how much damage Gilbert did until he actually tries to do something. I haven’t heard of the Cavs trying to do anything this off-season, it’s like they didn’t have a plan B! That’s probably why he was so pissed!

      • tophatal


        That’s what happens when you have a stick shoved up your a_s as an incentive to write drivel and call it something of journalistic integrity. The Miami Herald as a paper is a joke to begin with an overly biased and ultimately pro conservative. At the same there’s so much corruption politically within the city and the editorial side of the paper turns a blind eye to it all.

        As for Gilbert and the Cavs’ fans how dumb can that organization be ? The fans there want to pay the fine levied against a multi millionaire sports owner who could pay that fine and it wouldn’t even cut into his bank account one bit.

        Keep On Moving ………..

        Dropped this on Steinbrenner’s death and ongoing health concerns of the Nuggets’ George Karl.

        Finally the NL actually wins an All Star Game after almost a decade and half of futility,


        Alan …………….

  • Chris Humpherys

    Here comes the giant royal penis?

    They generally say that when I walk into the room.

    • tophatal

      Chris Humpherys

      And usually when that’s said I’ve heard that there are several females on their hand and knees waiting to service you orally . That’s nice ! LOL,LOL,LOL !!!

      Le Batard , Jason Whitlock , Stephen A Smith and Skip Bayless make Jayson Blair (NY Times plagiarist) seem like a positive influence on the world of journalism .


      Alan ………… 🙂

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