Sucks To Be Chris Cohan

Rumor over at Golden State Of Mind suggests owner Chris Cohan is thinking about selling his majority stake.  Whether there’s truth to this or not has yet to be seen, but in the meantime, the fan poll is extremely surprising.  Not in the sense that fans would be thrilled to see him go, but the landslide numbers in favor.  Goes like this…

Would you be doing backflips if Warriors majority owner Chris Cohan sold off his stake in the franchise?
YES: Cohan is the worst owner in all of pro sports                                                                 225 votes
NO: I work for the Warriors and I won’t bite the hand that feeds me                             4 votes

I wouldn’t be surprised if those 4 votes really did work for the Warriors.  If you were Cohan and you saw this, wouldn’t you just walk away on the spot???  Though terrible, I never really considered Cohan the worst owner in all of pro sports, but I don’t think anybody could inspire poll results as bad as this!

UPDATE: AS OF 7/5, IT IS NOW 1,229 TO 44

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2 responses to “Sucks To Be Chris Cohan

  • Paul

    THat would be amazing for the Warriors. I don’t think I’ll believe it until I see it though!

  • chappy81

    Wow, if he really is going to sell the team, he probably is really actually pushing them to be good this year. I’m sure if they somehow make the playoffs, this will be a done deal!

    I saw a funny comment on the 2nd article from a user named “Al Davis” Looks like I need to expand my resume. Hahahaha!

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