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If You Don’t Know, Now You Know…

Many people haven’t seen this movie.  You’re trippin.  It’s a classic.  Behold….

Bang Football Cartoons

Where South Park meets the NFL. John Tayman, the creator of Bang Cartoons, has been making comical cartoons of our favorite players, coaches, announcers, and executives across the NFL since 2003. He writes, draws, and speaks for 99% of the characters in his cartoons. I have to say, I never envisioned Al Davis as a rapper! sp-screenplay29__0500202331Plenty of players have come across his cartoons, even Terrell Owens and Kellen Winslow thought the skits making fun of their mishaps were funny. He started making the videos, because he felt that people take sports way to seriously! He wanted to lighten the mood, and  show the mishaps of these sports figures when they aren’t placed up on the “pedistal”. Check some of them out they are pretty funny or atleast the ones from your favorite team!