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Lebron’s List Isn’t Shrinking

A couple days before Lebron had to add the 1992 Dream team to his list of people calling him out, Lebron took his talents to the amazing Cedar Point Amusement Park in Ohio last week. Not sure why he’s in a three point contest against some kids, and even more surprised that a scrawny white kid beat him, but fortunately for us Nike and Maverick Carter couldn’t hide camera phone footage of it like they did when he got dunked on. If Santa Claus, I mean, Lebron, is keeping up with his list he better throw on the names of the guys heckling him as well as the guy who shot this footage! Next week, hopefully he’ll be taking his talents to join the Jersey Shore crew.

Why Would You Leave Cleveland?

I wanted to post these yesterday, before Lebron made his decision…. but I guess I didn’t want to make it look like I was rooting for him to go elsewhere. Sure, the thought of a superstar going to a new team is always exciting, but I was hoping Lebron would be one of those One Team guys. Now that he’s one of those kids who transfers to another school district to play for a better program, I might as well revisit the “Hastily Made Tourism Videos” all about Cleveland. Because honestly, I hope they get some good players there. Maybe these videos will help. After all, at least it’s not Detroit! Scratch that…. I’d take Detroit over Cleveland. I guess the only place less enticing would be Oklahoma City.

And another one……..