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Whatever Happened to the Two Sport Athlete? Are They About to Make a Comeback!?!

I was reading this Rob Neyer article, and he was talking about how great Bo Jackson was. To this day he is one of my favorite all time Raiders. I loved his Tiger handheld game as well. He dominated Deion in the battle of the best two-sport athlete by a long shot. Unfortunately for Bo, and for us, his career ended far too early. It got me wondering why there aren’t more two sport athletes these days, but if you look at the salaries back then he wasn’t making close to what guys are today. Granted it was the early 90’s, and with inflation money was worth a little more than it is now, but his final year in Oakland he earned $1.6M, and in Kansas City he pulled in $2.6M.  I’m not saying this is chump change, but the crappy players weren’t quite to the point of getting paid ridiculous amounts of money during Bo’s days, and even the best players weren’t completely paid. So my thinking was that as contracts rose in EVERY sport the need to play more than one sport lessened. The last guy I can even think of that stood out in two sports was Charlie Ward being the general for Florida State’s offense in football and basketball, but even he didn’t play two sports professionally, which I think proves my point that athlete’s don’t need to play two sports anymore because the money is so ridiculously good in whichever one they choose. The closest thing we’ve had recently is a Nike commercial with Lebron blocking a field goal for the Cleveland Browns. With the very real possibility of a lockout for two of our sports (NFL and NBA), I wanted to throw out some ideas for guys and types of players that I think would try to make the jump to another sport either out of boredom or the need to support the $500,000 a month spending lifestyle. Continue reading

Mel Gray – The Greatest Video Game Football Player of ALL TIME

Say what you want about Bo Jackson in Tecmo Bowl.  Mel Gray was an unstoppable force on Sega Sports’ NFL 95. Much like Jackson, he had a combination of speed and elusiveness that made him impossible to catch in the open field. While Bo gets plenty of recognition for his in-the-console achievements, Gray is largely an unsung hero. I remember entire games where my offense never touched the ball, because Mel Gray returned every kickoff and punt for a touchdown. By my count, I’ve probably searched for Mel Gray videos once a year every year since the inception of Youtube, to no avail.  So, thanks, CruduxCruo, for posting this tribute to the greatest 16-bit player to ever play the game.