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Doin Animal Attacks

CBS released the footage above today. This is the most recent chapter of when animals attack, unless you count a cowboy taking out a reporter in the pregame this past weekend. This however is as intense as gets in the circus ring. I guess that’s why I chose the safe career route, and instead sit at a cubicle all day where the biggest threat to my health is carpel tunnel. I never thought the trainers treated their animals very well, and these lions must have felt the same way. There’s no concrete reason as to why an animal would attack, but prodding them with that pole isn’t helping anything. The thing I didn’t understand about the trainers actions was that he kept prodding the lions after they had already attacked him, and the lion seemed to be pulling back. I doubt we’ll ever know what provokes animals to attack, but I know that this trainer is lucky to have both his arms still intact! This whole thing reminded me of a Dave Attell bit on why animals attack. Enjoy if you’ve never heard it!