Raiders Go Defensive

After about 1,000 names were linked to the Raiders head coaching job since they let go of Hue Jackson, they decided to go with Dennis Allen, the former Broncos defensive coordinator. Was he on the so-called “short list” that Reggie Mackenzie had going into the process? Maybe, but based on all the people he talked to for the coaching vacancy, his list wasn’t that short to begin with. I can’t say I was getting very excited during the search since two or three names seemed to come out each day, and some were good names and some were Mike Tice that made me question whether our new GM knew what he was doing. This hiring does make sense on a few levels though, and I can see the now youngest coach in the NFL being successful if he can change a few things.

It’s tough for me to get overly excited about Allen, but taking a strength away from the division champion Broncos isn’t ever a bad thing. I don’t know too much about Allen, but I was a huge fan of the way the Broncos defense played last season, and they deserved as much or more credit than Tebow for thier team’s success. Allen worked under some solid coaches in Sean Payton, Jim Mora, and John Fox, so I feel like he’s going to know what he’s doing in his new role.

The hire also addresses their two biggest weaknesses from last season which were defense and discipline. It was their first defensive minded coaching hire since before I was alive. Reading that Broncos players Champ Bailey and Von Miller were very sad to him see go only makes me like the hire more. Players don’t react unless they actually have good things to say, and when they don’t, you’ll either hear crickets or comments like when Bob Geren was fired as the A’s manager. Champ Bailey even went as far as to say he’s one of the most intense coach’s he’s ever had over his long career also adding the Raiders will now be intense, hard nosed, and tough. Even without a defensive coordinator on the staff yet, the defense will improve by the subtraction of Chuck Bresnahan who never really deserved the DC job to begin with.

The Raiders were the most penalized team in NFL history that had no discipline on defense, and at times, on offense. They needed to hire a no nonsense type of guy to get this team caring about those game killing penalties that seemed to happen every drive. It’s also good they get the HC hired sooner than later so they can focus on the other coaching vacancies before all the good coordinators get snatched up. I’d love to see Del Rio as the DC, so let’s hope that’s the next announcement out of Oakland.

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10 responses to “Raiders Go Defensive

  • tophatal

    Dennis’ mother must be proud that her son is now being associated with the franchise . The Raiders should do themselves a favor and simply gauge Gruden’s interest in the job . What have they got to lose ?

    It’s not as if any other of the candidates on their short list have his type of credentials to begin with now is it ?

    tophatal …………

    • chappy81

      LOTS of Raiders fans were in the comment sections saying bring back Chuckie. I wouldn’t have minded that at all, but I’m not even sure he wants to come back to coaching. He seems to enjoy breaking down QB’s and commentating on how he likes everyone on MNF. Plus, the Raiders barely ever hire a big name coach, so this falls in line with what they usually do, hire a young up and comer. Hopefully he brings us the same success Gruden did when he got his first shot at the HC spot in Oakalnd.

      This was the worst Raiders defense in a looong time, so I’m on board with Allen fixing the D.

  • sportsattitudes

    The Eagles passed on this guy as a possible DC last year…ultimately making their offensive line coach their defensive coordinator. That is a good sign for the Raiders…trust me.

    • chappy81

      I was reading that he was the next option on the Rams list after Fischer, so at least we weren’t the only team really high on him! Man, if he could’ve done what he did for the Broncos D last year for the Eagles D, they would’ve won their division!

  • Blog Surface

    I couldn’t agree more. While we can all sit here and drool over Tebow’s late game heroics, it was the Broncos defense that really helped Denver get to the playoffs. Dennis Allen deserves a shot… Let’s see what he can do.

  • Bobby Charts

    Thanks for post, its the most Ive read about this hire by the Raiders. I thought they were going to get a OC from the Packers, thats all I was hearing, but anyway. Its going to be intresting to see how this pans out. The Raiders have got to clean up the yellow landry!

  • ChrisHumpherys (@SportsChump)

    So which NFL team made the biggest splash with their coaching hire?

    You’d have to think the Bucs and Schiano, wouldn’t you?

    That’s twice they went under the radar, Kelly, then Schiano, to land a name. Trust me when I tell you, nobody here even knew those two were on their wish list.

    Shifty moves by the Glazers.

    • chappy81

      Don’t know a ton about Schiano, but he did make Rutgers relevant. It might be a good hire, but if they don’t spend some money at some point it might be hard to ever be competitive!

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