RFP Of The Day: Lawrence Moten

Who remembers this guy? Unless you’re a Syracuse, or perhaps a Big East fan, you probably don’t. He certainly didn’t have a very spectacular pro career, though I suppose he wasn’t really expected to. Despite leaving Syracuse as the Big East’s all-time leading scorer, Moten didn’t exactly have an NBA frame. Then again, that’s probably why I liked him so much. I can’t help but root for the lanky, skinny guys, and Moten was one of them. He’s listed at a gangly 6’5″, 185 lbs. Add to that, he rocked the long socks that I was always so fond of. He ended up getting drafted in the second round by the Vancouver Grizzlies. He spent two unimpressive years north of the border, and then played his third and final NBA season in Washington. He scored 9 points in 8 games that year. Moten was one of those guys who had game like nobody else, but just didn’t have the size to continue his success on the NBA hardwood. Looking back, his career actually reminds me a lot of Quincy Douby, who caught my eye at Rutgers when I saw him torch Moten’s alma mater. He lit up the Orange for 40+ points, but he too, played only three years in the NBA, before fizzling out with Toronto. Last I saw Douby, he had broken his wrist playing over in China. Last I saw Douby in REAL LIFE, he was walking down Market Street in San Francisco wearing his OWN jersey circa 2006. Oddly enough, no one recognized him except me. Though, the same could be said for John Wall yesterday. The lockout must be hitting the players hard, because Wall was flying Southwest with me from Las Vegas to Sacramento, but managed to fly, literally, under the radar.

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4 responses to “RFP Of The Day: Lawrence Moten

  • ChrisHumpherys (@SportsChump)

    I remember Moten but I did NOT know he was still the career Big East leading scorer.

    Nice pull.

    • mceezy

      Well, if I were writing for a more distinguished site I’d probably have done some more fact checking. But, I figured the places I checked were at least credible enough for Doin Work….

  • sportsattitudes

    I remember Moten as well. Hell, I go back to when Syracuse played in Manley Fieldhouse and the Carrier Dome was a twinkle in an architect’s eye. And to top off tripping down memory lane, I loved rocking the long socks as well…with multiple wrist bands. Some guys I played ball with wore multiple length socks and had the tops of them color coordinate/blend with each other. They had to wear larger-sized kicks because they had more than one pair of socks on. Good times.

  • chappy81

    I don’t remember Morten. I thought you liked the long socks because of Walt Williams!?!

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