It’s About Time….

Every Night is Asian Night!

There’s two things you’ll find a lot of on Doin Work: stuff about the Golden State Warriors, and stuff about Asians. Naturally, I’ve got to talk about the Warriors newest addition, Jeremy Lin. The W’s signed the D-League sensation today much to the delight of the fans. Obviously the Bay Area is home to plenty of Asians, including Lin himself, who grew up across the Bay in Palo Alto. In numerous interviews on countless local sports channels, Lin admitted that he was hoping he’d get drafted by the team, but all hopes were lost when the Warriors ultimately traded out of the second round in the draft. Fate played its hand though, and the Taiwanese Ivy Leaguer will be donning the blue and gold this season.

It really was a long time coming for a team that could so easily win over THOUSANDS of fans instantly just by adding an Asian. Any team will tell you they’re more concerned with the players on the floor than the number of fans in the seats, but that’s not true. Clearly the W’s weren’t that concerned with fielding a good team, but they always have an entertaining one. Why not add the best Asian you can find? I’ve long felt like the team should make a play for Yao, or more realistically, Yi, just for the excitement factor. I’m not sure how big of a role he’ll play on the team, but he sure will provide some excitement when he’s on the floor. Just check out how these Vegas Summer League fans were reacting to his play….

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4 responses to “It’s About Time….

  • tophatal


    I think it’s a tremendous opportunity for Jeremy Lin and if anything I for one hope that he has a terrific career within the NBA !

    And with being an Ivy league grad from Harvard that’s all the better !


    Kudos to him !


  • Chappy81

    When I saw the clips of him from the summer league, I was hoping that they could somehow get him. I was actually turning into a Mavericks fan just a little, but fortunately for us the Mavs didn’t sign him, and we did! I hope he gets some playing time, but with Curry and Ellis playing 40+ a game I doubt we’ll see him all that much…

  • By

    He’s definitely a “fan” pick, but I got to say, at least ownership is thinking of us this time around! He reminds me of Asian Monta the way he attacks the rim. His J isn’t text book like Curry though. So Curry is still the lead role in my man-crush movie.

  • Chris Humpherys

    interesting, man.

    I had never heard of this guy but he looks like he could be something.

    In a wide open Western Conference (except for the Lakers), maybe you’re right. Maybe Golden State could compete for a playoff spot.

    (I know you’re excited I just said that)

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