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Irate Best Buy “Customers” Are Stupid

Customers who jumped on the $9.99 52″ Samsung television deal recently are going nuts because they won’t be getting their $10 TV.  Many are citing the old principal that it’s false advertising and Best Buy should therefore honor the deal.  I even heard one “customer” who works in the legal field explaining that she had an agreement as a buyer between herself and the seller and therefore by not honoring the agreement, Best Buy is guilty of breach of contract.  Sounds fine in theory, but there’s one problem.  It was a mistake.  Yes, it’s unfortunate that the deal was “too good to be true,” but if you didn’t see that coming, it’s your own fault.  Even the Better Business Bureau issued a statement basically saying they won’t be pursuing any action against the retailer due to what was “obviously human error.”  Get over it, folks.  I’ve come up with countless examples where if things were switched around, these same people would be happy to have a deal taken off the table.  What if your real estate agent made a mistake and left off a couple zeros on the listing for your house? If someone jumped on it and paid $2,500 for your house, are you really going to say “damn…” and start packing your things?  Didn’t think so.