Bobcats Season Summed Up In One Play

When I first saw this play, I actually didn’t even think it was a turnover, but after rewinding it he obviously threw it to the wrong team. The second thing that jumped out was Corey Maggette passed the ball!?! I guess there’s a first time for everything! I don’t think I’ve seen a pass that bad in a pick up game let alone in an NBA game. To say the Bobcats have had a disappointing season so far is an understatement. This play couldn’t be a more perfect way summing up their season. As of today, they have 3 total wins, and New Orleans at 6 wins on the season may just have an insurmountable lead on them for the right to the highest percentage of ping pong balls. Granted they’ve had a ton of injuries, but this is a disaster in Charlotte.


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